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Sleeves. Sleeves must be sized such as to adequately allow the passage of the intended penetrant (s) plus enough room to permit the practical installation and mounting of the penetrants as well as adequate room for firestops. The biggest downside is the cost, which generally ranges from $385 to $524. RiptGear Compression Arm Sleeves for […]

Dragon Shield Art Sleeves Review References

Dragon Shield Art Sleeves Review References. These sleeves have artwork printed directly onto the sleeves (i believe with a clear coat above it to seal the finish) and thus are not susceptible to the same issues. The dragon shield inner sleeveā€˜s material feels more premium than its price would suggest. Dragon Shield ART Sleeves Matte […]

How To Store Vinyl Records In Sleeves References

How To Store Vinyl Records In Sleeves. All records come with sleeves or jackets, but to store them with more protection, you should purchase extra sleeves for both inside and outside. Always keep your records away from direct sunlight. Source : www.pinterest.com Always store your vinyl records in a dry environment. Avoid stacking vinyl records […]