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Diy Residential Window Security Grids/bars Ideas

Diy Residential Window Security Grids/bars. A welding machine, a cutoff saw and clamps. In addition, you’ll want to have tinted goggles or a tinted face mask and welding gloves. Source : www.pinterest.com Leave at least one window without security bars as an emergency escape route when shtf. Security cameras are one of the most effective […]

Diy Residential Solar Systems Ideas

Diy Residential Solar Systems. $1656 (a total of 3600 watts at 46 cents per watt) 12 optimizer modules (which increase power output during partial shade): $40.00 two deka 92 amp. Source : www.pinterest.com 12 solar panels at $130 each: A battery/inverter/charge controller setup for mobile or stationary application. A Home Solar Generator Is Not Out […]