How To Transplant Succulents Into A Bigger Pot Ideas

How To Transplant Succulents Into A Bigger Pot. A pot should be bigger than the last one as well as washed and disinfected. According to seasonal changes, we should move the plant from one place to another.

how to transplant succulents into a bigger pot
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Add some potting mix in the bottom of the pot. After getting the succulent out of the old pot, you can tap the root to get the dirt off or you can choose to clean it.

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Allow the plant to adjust to its new container before treating it like you would your old succulents. Another reason to repot is to provide the plants with fresh potting soil.

How To Transplant Succulents Into A Bigger Pot

Before you place your succulent in the pot you’ve chosen, fill it almost (but not quite) to the top with succulent soil.Before you start taking them out from their pot, determine which of these methods you.Being very gentle, grasp the plant by its main stem.But cacti’s roots should be sitting comfortably in the pot, with some extra depth space.

Carefully invert the pot over your newspapers or your outdoor space.Check on the plant daily for dryness.Check the soil you will be using for the new pot and see if it seems a little dry.Clean and dry the root system.

Depending on sizes, it may fit right in or it may not.Depending on the type of succulent, the environment, the pot size they’re in & the mix they’re growing in, every 3 to 8 years is fine.Don’t rush to transplant them.Extract your succulent from the existing pot.

Fill about 1/3 of the new pot with fresh soil and place the plant in the center of the container.Gently wrap your fingers around the underside of your succulent (do not pull on individual leaves, be gentle!!) once you have all or most of your succulent and it’s soil out, you’ll gently place it into it’s new container (home).Grasp the succulent or cactus firmly by the base of the stem as close to the dirt as possible.Hold the plant in place and continue filling the pot with soil until it sits around two centimeters below the rim.

How about we use real life examples to clarify:How to transplant succulents without damage?I hope you enjoy this repoting succulent guide.I like to do this to make the potting mix more porous and drain well.

If it does, spray it a little bit with some water.If it doesn’t come out easily, try using a butter knife or any other tool with a flat blade to loosen the dirt around the sides of the pot.If it is a large pot, use a stick to get it out easier.If the root is small, you can turn the pot upside down to get it out.

If you are looking at shallow or deep pots, always choose the shallow pot.It will take about a year before the new succulents reach a normal size.Leave a little bit of room at the top, so the roots will have a comfortable fit, and you’ll be able to add more soil later on.Lift the entire root system, taking care not to cut or break the smaller roots.

Lightly pat the soil around the base of the stem to keep it in place.Make a hole in the center of the soil with your finger.Moisture is key in having a successful repotting process.Place a new plant into the hole and brush the soil over the roots to cover them.

Place the succulent on top of the soil.Remove the succulent from its pot.Scoop the succulents out of the old pot using the tip of a trowel or a large spoon.Shield the plant from direct sunlight for 3 to 5 days using a lean board.

The actual act of transplanting is quite easy, fortunately, since succulents and cacti are tough.The depth of the pot should be 10% bigger than the plant.The ideal pot size for succulents should be about 10% wider than the plant itself.The temperature should be stable to move the plant place.

They’ll appreciate some fresh mix by that time.This much water for a short period of time won’t be enough to damage them, just remember to remove the plant once the roots are clean.This step can sometimes be tricky, daunting even, but we promise it will be okay.To get the plant in a more suitable potting mix.

Transplant into the hole halfway and fill with soil the water it before finishing filling the hole.Tug it slightly, and it should slip smoothly out of the pot and into your hand.Use the drainage hole pot to remove dust particles, insects, and excess water.Water the whole plant once again to prevent evaporation.

While moving succulents, the bucket is necessary.You also have an option to remove the pups and transplant them into new pots.You can also stick your succulent roots into water to help clean the old soil away.You can do this directly in the pot you are using or you can use a separate container to mix your potting soil.

You can put your new plant while still in its nursery pot in to see how much soil you need to be adding.Your new pot should also be a little bigger (unless you’re moving down from a pot that was too large).Your plants need to be repotted periodically to replace the old potting mix with fresh potting soil so they can get the necessary nutrients they need to grow.

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