How To Make A Glitter Bomb For Porch Pirates 2021

How To Make A Glitter Bomb For Porch Pirates. A porch pirate glitter bomb brought christmas schadenfreude to. And, the pirates hopefully learned a lesson.

how to make a glitter bomb for porch pirates
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Before that, mark rober helped build hardware now on mars. Below is the trending youtube video of the 3rd version of his glitter bomb hijinks with over 17 million views as of the time of this writing.

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Fromer nasa engineer and youtube star mark rober, the man who made a glitter bomb trap for porch pirates is back with a new trap and a new video. Have you ever had packages stolen during the holidays?

How To Make A Glitter Bomb For Porch Pirates

I want to see air brushes powered by compressed air canisters, at least two per side.In the video above, rober describes creating his first ‘glitter bomb,’ which was.In what has become a holiday season tradition, former nasa engineer mark.It’s quite a turn of events for someone that previously designed components for mars rovers.

Jaireme barrow wanted to scare porch pirates who kept stealing his packages.Leave that shipping box on your porch for the unsuspecting porch pirate.Mark rober wants to get those nasty porch pirates who steal packages to think twice in the future.Mark rober youtube video shows porch pirates getting ‘glitter bomb’ fart spray gift.

Put a glue dispenser in the bottom so the box sticks to whatever it’s sitting on.So after both the glitter and the farts have successfully deployed, we start counting down 543 nothing actually happens at the end, but they won’t know that and then finally after that.Some of it was staged.Tech, stench improvements in battle against porch pirates.

Testing the 3d printed “karma glitter bomb” [source:The glitter bomb trap 2.0 left a series of porch pirates wrinkling their noses at a fart bomb after they were covered in glitter.The glitter needs to be finer, and either electrostatically charged or sticky.The project, initiated by youtuber mark rober, tells the story of how he defeated a number of “porch pirates” from stealing unattended packages delivered insecurely to residential doorsteps.

The trap is designed to shoot glitter all over the place when the package is opened, coating the receiver and the ground in sparkly confetti.This is perhaps my favorite.Using a mix of glitter, smelly skunk fart spray and police sounds, rober has created the ultimate invention to prevent thieves from grabbing your packages.Watch a compilation of porch pirates bested by the glitter bomb.

We continue to hear stories of ‘porch pirates’ stealing packages across the united states, so youtuber mark rober has upgraded his ‘glitter bomb’ for 2019 and he had a little help.While these videos were later admittedly set up (at least partially), watch thieves showered in glitter online is still pretty entertaining.Youtube] an incredible viral video appeared this week, and it involves 3d printing.Youtuber and former nasa engineer mark rober is at it again with the glitter bomb 2.0 designed to give porch pirates some stinky karmic.

Youtuber rigs glitter and stink bomb to catch porch pirates.

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