How To Harden Steel With A Torch

How To Harden Steel With A Torch. Hold to equalize and let it cool. Than i temper till a light straw color comes up.

Jet propane torch for metal melting foundry in 2020
Jet propane torch for metal melting foundry in 2020 from

So they say it's impossible to harden mild steel. Hold the metal with a pair of metal tongs. I know when i quench with water the steel is extremely hard and brittle.

Hold The Metal With A Pair Of Metal Tongs.

It really depends on your bowl and your part. Quench into 150° f oil. It has been a long time since i made anything out of a2.

Hold To Equalize And Let It Cool.

There are two main approaches to this: A2 is an air hardening steel and will develop full hardness on cooling in still air. I harden 4140 with a torch hold the flame still until you see what appears to be a flowing looks like water and then slowly move the torch in the direction desired.

When The Blade Reaches The Desired Temperature Along The Entire Blade, Dunk The Blade Quickly In A Large Metal Container Of Liquid To Quench It To Harden It.

Hold the steel directly in the flame. Light a propane blow torch to use as a heat source. For every inch of diameter let 1 hour to soak.

Turn Off The Equipment And Don’t Open The Door For Several Hours To Cool The Piece Slowly.

Unless you are trying to get a japanese style temperline,the easy way i found is to heat up the steel and dip the part/edge in the water till cooled much of the way than let the rest air cool. So they say it's impossible to harden mild steel. Make sure the red hot state extends somewhat into the tang so the tang has proper strength and won't bend on you.

The Darned Stuff Hardens Real Nice.

Than i temper till a light straw color comes up. Parts should be held 1 hour per inch of thickness, 2 hours minimum. Trying to perform metallurgical chemistry with a blow torch is not a good idea.

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