How To Apply Magnetic Lashes With Magnetic Eyeliner 2021

How To Apply Magnetic Lashes With Magnetic Eyeliner. (you can go back over eyeliner just as you would with any eyeliner.) after a few seconds (if using the still tacky method) start with the outer corner of your eye, place that magnet first. After the liner is laid and dried, putting them on is as simple as holding the lashes close enough to the liner to feel an automatic, satisfying click into place.

how to apply magnetic lashes with magnetic eyeliner
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After your lashes are trimmed to fit your eyes, break out your magnetic liner. Apply 2 coats of magnetic eyeliner, let it dry and your magnetic lashes will snap on to the liner!

A Look Into Eyeliner And Lashes Eyeliner How

Apply 2 layers of magnetic eyeliner and allow it to dry. Apply magnetic liner to your lash line like you would liquid liner.

How To Apply Magnetic Lashes With Magnetic Eyeliner

Applying & wearing the lashes when i was ready to apply the lashes, i did my makeup just as i always do (minus my standard eyeliner).Before you apply magnetic eyelashes without eyeliner, add a light coat of mascara to your natural lashes to enhance the final look.Before you apply the silk magnetic eyelashes bend to your eye shape & cut to shape if requiredBetween eyeliner and magnetic strip, making sure to align the middle of the band with the.

Carefully draw a line of eyeliner along your eye shape, make sure you extend the liner to the end, ensure the line is close to the roots of your real eyelashes.Due to the lack of glue, you can.Even though i didn’t apply the most perfect line of magnetic eyeliner on my eyelids, the magnetic lashes covering them up was very forgiving and most people (unless you’re a beauty expert) probably wouldn’t even notice my horrible eyeliner skills.For those wearing magnetic eyeliner, carefully take off the lashes and wipe the liner away with eye makeup remover.

Get your lashes on in just 3 0 seconds & get the lash look you love without the messy glue!Grab magnetic eyelash towards middle of band.Grab your magnetic eyeliner and gently swipe it along your upper lash line from the inside corner to the outside.Head over to our article, 8 dramatic eye makeup looks for bold eyes , for tips and tricks to keep in mind when wearing a bold eye makeup look.

Here are the tutorial telling you how to apply magnetic lashes step by step.Hold a mirror at chin level and look down as you slowly make contact.How to apply magnetic lashes.I used the magnetic eyeliner and really didn’t put any extra on — i usually do a tight line close to the lash with a small wing on the outer ends.

If it’s not working add another coat or two and allow it to dry before putting on the lash.If you are using mascara, you can apply that before you apply your magnetic lash strip.If you have hooded eyes it is best to close your eyes during the drying process.If you have no eyelashes just follow your lash line.

It’snot a lash glue so it won’t adhere when wet.Magnetic eyelashes have never been this easy!Make sure to apply an even coat across the entire area where the lashes will sit.New 3d silk magnetic eyelashes.

Next, just align the soft and silky magnetic lashes with the magnetic eyeliner, and click into place.Once the first magnet is laying nicely, apply.Our magnetic eyeliner can be.Push down the inner and outer corners to secure lashes.

Put on your magnetic lashes with ease!Shake the magnetic eyeliner bottle.Shake your magnetic eyeliner well before use.Simply shake the magnetic eyeliner tube before each use, apply a thin line to each eyelid and wait a few minutes for it to completely dry, allowing the gel to become sticky.

The liner needs to be dry to the touch when you apply it.Then apply a layer of magnetic eyeliner to your lash line and allow it to dry completely.Then apply the magnet lash on top of the eye liner, allowing the magnets to cling to your eyelid.This technique also gives your magnetic eyelashes without eyeliner something to cling onto, which makes application much easier.

Tori belle magnetic liner is going to apply a little thicker than your traditional liner but that’s okay because you want it.Want to learn how to rock dramatic makeup—beyond magnetic lashes—like a pro?We recommend 2 coats for a stronger hold.Wipe excess eyeliner from the applicator.

You can apply a coat of mascara to your real lashes before applying magnetic lashes, in order to make your real lashes look fuller, and you don’t need to.You need to use 2 coats but sometimes people use extremely thin coats.

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