Diy Wood Slat Wall Bathroom Ideas

Diy Wood Slat Wall Bathroom. Air compressor combo kit with air nailer (and we used 1 1/2″ nails). All you need is a few power tools, lumber and a little bit of your time.

diy wood slat wall bathroom
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But, the good news is that you can build a do it yourself slat wall. Check out this diy project!

Bathroom Shelves Out Of Fence Slats And Left Over Plywood

Doing this will make the slat wall look professionally done. Give them a pinch together and then use the brad nailer to nail that second slat to the wall.

Diy Wood Slat Wall Bathroom

I built a wall or two.I first held a slat on the wall, a
nd marked the overhang (part to cut off) and trimmed off using a miter saw.I put the nails in at a slight angle and alternated directions (left to right).I used a brad nailer to attach the 1″ x 2″ to the top of the 1″ x 3.

I used a piece of the same board i used for the slats and turned it on it’s side for a spacer.I’ve talked a little bit about building here, and i kind of think it makes everyone’s eyes glaze over so no details here.Knowing that wall would end up covered anyway, we went ahead and drywalled that wall and the other exterior wall facing the back of the house, so we were left with 3 walls to slat with wood.Let’s jump into getting these wood slats on the wall for this diy midcentury modern slat wall tutorial!

Make your own diy wood slat accent wall with this easy video tutorial.My wall was 59 inches wide, so 59in / (1in + ¾ in) equals about 34 wood slats.Nailing the wood to the wall.Not only is this easy and rewarding, but it is also going to save you money.

Now repeat steps 1 through 3 over & over, as you work your way across the wall.Once all the trim pieces were up we went back through and filled in our nail holes with a wood filler stick close.Once the slat was secure, i removed the.Remove your spacer in the middle.

Rip plywood into 1 strips i ran the plywood boards through my table saw to create several 1 slats.So the gap between each slat is the width of the small side of the board.So you?ll have a 3 pieces at this point:Supplies for diy horizontal slat wall:

That’s when i decided to use plywood instead!The contrast of the wood against a painted wall really caught my eye.The first slat was the most important to make sure was straight because we used that slat to determine the placement of all the other slats.The first step to building a do it yourself slat wall is to find the studs in the garage.

This is particularly true if you need a professional to attach it to the wall.Use can use the stud finder to examine the wall you are going to be using.We have been dreaming of a slat wall for awhile now for our future basement renovation and i loved the idea of incorporating a smaller slat wall to warm up the space behind the shelves.We used a laser level to determine the straight line and then used a regular level to verify and mark the line that we would place.

We were ready to put up the first wood slat.When it is time to screw the top boards into the support boards, the screw heads will be lower than the wood’s surface.Width of wall / (width of wood slat + gap between slats) 2.Wood planks (we used 1x6x12 planks of pine) miter saw and/or miter box and hand saw.

Wood slat bathroom wall tue., oct.You can modify the design for horizontal, vertical, painted or stained slats.You can obviously do the wall any way you’d like, but i suggest using that formula to estimate how many slats you’ll need.Your first slat, your spacer, and your second slat.

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