Diy Turkey Fan Mount Plaque Ideas

Diy Turkey Fan Mount Plaque. 5 out of 5 stars. 5 out of 5 stars.

diy turkey fan mount plaque
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After removing and trimming away any unnecessary meat from the fan and beard, coat all exposed flesh with the salt and borax mixture. After taking the turkey apart like this, you can mount the pieces onto a wooden plaque with the fan on display behind, the skull and the spurs on the front wooden cap, and the beard hanging below.

A Full Wild Turkey Fan Hand Painted With A Hand Made And

Before spraying the rear panel, i taped off the area where the glue would be applied. Blow the marrow out of the bones.

Diy Turkey Fan Mount Plaque

Handmade barn wood classic turkey fan mount plaque.Handmade old oak barn wood turkey beard/fan plaque small.Here’s a look at our instruction sheet so you can see what tools and steps are involved.I also did a mount like you are describing.

I also glued in a few more nice back feathers.I had over 270 downloads of the plan.I have been asked to build one which is a simple project but have no idea of the optimal size dimensions and the configuration.I have never seen a turkey tail mount and am unsure how the tail is mounted in the plaque.

I just did my first 2 lifesize turkey.If you’ve done birds it’s really no big deal.If you’re looking for some other unique turkey mount ideas, check out this other article.Lay the tail on cardboard or old newspapers and peel back the skin from the flesh toward the feathers on both sides to expose the knob of flesh and bone that holds all of the tail feather quills.

Make underwing cuts and clean all meat.Make your own turkey fan mount.Making turkey fan mounting plaque uncategorized august 5, 2018 sante blog 0 how to mount a turkey fan with hs strut just plaque it taxidermy you how to mount a turkey fan make your own turkey.Mountain mike’s turkey fan mounting kits include a plaque, beard holder caps, leatherette cover, and all necessary hardware.

Mounting a turkey fan to a plaque and displaying the beard is a great project for someone wanting to do some taxidermy.Need a tukey fan mount pattern.One of the more popular ways to preserve a memorable turkey hunt is with the fan and beard mounted on a plaque.Place the fan in a refrigerator for a few days or freezer until you are ready to proceed.

Presto, you have a turkey fan.Screw sheetmetal fan holder to the back of your plaque.Simply choose the wood of your choice.Something i typically do with all my turkey fans, i took the fan, mixed up some elmer’s and water, and put a couple light coats on the back and front of the fan by the base of the quills.

Take your time, as turkey skin is thin.The bottom of this plaque has a t cut in it to hold the beard.The center plaque is about 5 in diameter, the top 1/2 is routed (or sawed) to half thickness on the back to hold the tail.The edges have not been routed for more of a rustic look to the plaque.

The edges have not been routed for more of a rustic look to the plaque.The fan will be gently held in place with spring tension.The plan was designed to be printed out full scale, on an 11″x17″ “ledger” size piece of paper.The plaque has a keyhole cut in the back for flush mounting to the wall.

The plaque has a keyhole cut in the back for flush mounting to the wall.The rubber grommet in the bottom of the sheetmetal will hold your beard.The thickness of the wood pieces are more important than the shape of the plaque, so don’t fret if you can’t print something that.The two pieces were glued and screwed together and the fan was hung on a single nail.

The video below takes you through the whole process of mounting a turkey, so you can see the beginning to end in a.Then glue the fan’s flesh side to the plaque with its.There is a slot cut for the beard, and two slots cut to mount the turkey legs to display the spurs.There is a slot cut for the beard, and two slots cut to mount the turkey legs to display the spurs.

These turkey plaque products from mountain mike’s allow you to quickly and easily create great looking turkey fan mounts and beard displays.This is a nice way to tame all those light downy like feathers around the base to clean it up.This is a turkey fan and beard display made from reclaimed barn wood.This is a turkey fan and beard display made from reclaimed barn wood.

Use the provided template to cut out the wood plaque.We even offer custom carving on most of our turkey fan mounting plaques to help you remember the hunt.We have turkey mount plaques available with carved tracks, a laser engraved strutting turkey, a picture kit, or even with multiple beards.Wire the wings with heavy wire.

With a hot glue gun, attach the wooden block to the back of the plaque near the bottom.With easy to follow instructions and the included supplies, you’ll be proudly displaying your great looking trophy tom in no time!You can take it to a taxidermist, but if you want to save some money, doing it yourself is a fairly simple process.You’ll need to skin alongside the bird’s flanks the farther down the back you go.

[step 4] when the fan is dry, you can mount it.

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