Diy No Sew Fleece Blanket 2021

Diy No Sew Fleece Blanket. 1 1/2″ yards of a fleece material, i used lavender fleece scissors sewing machine and thread and a crochet hook to start this project trim your fleece fabric by cutting of the selvage edges to have one nice clean piece of fleece. 1.5 yards solid fleece* scissors;

diy no sew fleece blanket
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Although i do love sewing, sometimes you just want something a little quicker and different. Arrange the printed fleece fabric on top of the solid fabric making sure that edges line up with one another.

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Balloon style and shoe lace style diy fleece blanket. Balloon style and shoe lace style diy fleece blanket.

Diy No Sew Fleece Blanket

Cut the edge into 4 inch strips 1 1/2 inches apart.Cut the two pieces together into a 36 inch square shape and cut a 6 inch square out of the corners.Determine the size you’d like the doll blanket to be, add 2 to the width and height and cut that first piece out.Diy no sew fleece blanket.

Diy no sew fleece blanket.Do not pull too tightly on the fabric or it won’t line up properly.Do same with inner color but set aside 1/2 as you only need 1/2 of it.Easy no sew diy fleece blanket.

Floral no sew fleece blanket.Fold design for outer shell in half and cut length wise.For a 24″ pillow, you’ll need 1 yard each of two fleece pieces, a 24 inch pillow form, scissors, and a ruler.For example, i’ll tie 5 strips on one side, then 5 on the next side, and i work my way around until i’ve completed it.

For this project you will need:Grab some popcorn and complete your movie night with these fleece blankets with two different styles.How to make a fleece no sew, no tie, 20 min blanket fleece is so easy to work with.How to make a no sew fleece tie blanket the ultimate diy guide loop and pull method.

I like to do a couple on each side at a time to help keep it from getting lopsided while tightening the knots.I made this one for my daughter, she picked out the fabric so i was sure she would love it!I used 1.5 yards of material for both.It will not fray or unravel, so there is no need to sew anything!

It’s fast, secure and looks tidy.It’s only down fall is that the ties take up a lot of fabric.I’ve seen tutorials for no sew fleece blankets, but they all want you to tie about 300+ knots of fleece.Lay the first piece on top of the second color, pin in place and cut out the second piece.

Make them larger for the bed or smaller for a baby.No sew fleece doll blanket instructions:Posted on mar 7th, 2017.Stack your two pieces of fabric on top of each other so that you cut them the same.

Start tying the two cut fleece pieces of fringe together.The loop and pull method is the go to method of tying a fleece blanket.The options are endless, so mix and match to find the combination you are looking for!Then cut out a four inch square out of each corner.

Then make a one inch cut in the center at the top end of each strip.There are so many uses for these blankets, you can make one with a print on one side for the little ones, in.These could be donated to woman’s shelters or nursing homes.They also make the best gifts!

This fleece blanket by on youtube requires no sewing and it’s a great way to have a comfy personalized blanket to throw over on the couch or the bed.This is why i’m showing you a few different methods to tying a no sew fleece blanket.Tie all the strips in double knots.Tie any loose fringe all the way to the corner you just cut.

Tie them together with a simple knot.Use 2 yards for an adult blanket and 1 yard for an infant blanket.We suggest using a fun pattern for one side, and a coordinating solid on the back.Whatever the occasion….where there is fleece there are blankets to be made!

You are going to be using 1 strand from the front fleece layer and 1 strand from the back fleece layer.You begin by placing your two pieces of fleece together and then mark and cut the edges.You should only need to trim 1″ off of two sides.Your blanket can be any size.

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