Diy Fireplace Mantel With Crown Molding Ideas

Diy Fireplace Mantel With Crown Molding. Added 1×2 along the inside of the mantel (with the wider side facing toward the fireplace) wrapped the bottoms with 1×8 boards; Added a piece of square molding across the top;

diy fireplace mantel with crown molding
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Added crown across the top (i realized at this point i wanted to add more height, so i added a 1×4 board. After cutting to size, wrap the face of the mantel shelf with 2″ baseboard molding.

60 Crown Molding Floating Mantel Shelf Distressed One

After that he created a board and batten look using more ecuadorian plywood. An optional 6th step is to add crown molding to the top of the woodwork.

Diy Fireplace Mantel With Crown Molding

Buy yourself a full sheet of 1/2″ thick, 4′ x 8′ mdf board.Coat slowly and evenly, do not rush.Cover and protect surfaces from overstay.Crown molding was added as the finishing touch on the mantel top.

Cut another board (72 1/2″ x 12 1/2″).Diy fireplace mantel video demonstration.Diy mantel update with crown molding table and hearth how to build fireplace mantel 102 part 5 make the hood joy of moldings fireplace makeover building a new mantelFollow the mantel legs with the first layer of molding all the way around the mantel legs.

Glue and nail the crown to the nailer installed on the mantel.Glue and nail the return pieces to the crown.Here we’ve got another simple diy wooden beam mantel, this time by erica van slyke of designing vibes.Home depot sells it for $30.61 per sheet, but you can get a much better price at your local lumber yard or cabinet shop.

How to build a simple fireplace mantel.I am a longtime reader of your blog.I ended up having it crowned later on when the rest of the room was getting crown molding.I have installed your three piece crown design in our kitchen and used other various tips from your site.

I opened my front and sun room doors for a cross breeze.In addition to its accessible difficulty, this plan.Initially i didn’t and still really loved how it looked.Install crown molding under the top mantel shelf.

It is easier to install the molding when the mantel is turned upside down.It serves to trap or restrict smoke from getting into the living room.It’s a fantastic entry point for those of us who might be intimidated by crown molding and nailing strips.Make a mantel from molding profiles | moulding profiles, diy fireplace makeover, diy fireplace.

Make sure you watch it to see how you will apply.Materials needed to make this fireplace mantel [see my diy molding inventory page for more detail about these materials.].Measure the pieces at the point where they touch the mantel surfaces.Next we cut a board (72 1/2″ x 7″) that will fit on top of the 2 side pieces.

Not only can you save lots of money, you get to create your own custom design unique to your home!Position the mantel in place so each of the bolts fit into one of the holes in the back of the mantel.Push on the mantel until the bolts are firmly in place, which will secure the mantel on the wall.Secure into place with wood glue and nails.

See picture below for further illustration.That’s all it takes to install a mantel above your fireplace.The fireplace mantel can also be referred to as a shelf that projects from the wall directly above the fireplace.The fireplace mantel often stands as a hood that projects over a fire grate.

The middle section of the mantel was the last part that was needed to complete the mantel section of the diy project.The width of the lower part of the mantel was 71 5/8.This helps direct smoke up the chimney.This project went quickly and came in under $60 which includes the price of paint, wood, nails, and paint supplies.

To ensure the same overhang of the shelf over the crown molding, each side of the shelf needed another 3 5/8 inches (71 5/8 inches + 3 5/8 inches + 3 5/8 inches = 78 7/8 inches of the top shelf).Use spray shield (cardboard works great).We attached them by securing some strips of wood to the wall into the studs, then nailing the boxes to the wood strips on the sides.We just used a few pieces of molding and wood as well as white trim paint to give it a dramatic look.

We used molding to extend our standard fireplace to the ceiling.We’ve included this instructional video that will go along with the homemade mantel guide we’ve provided above.You can’t see it but the crown is attached.)

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