Diy Cat Furniture Litter Box Ideas

Diy Cat Furniture Litter Box. 11 simple diy kitty litter boxes and loos from ikea units. A fun and simple diy cat litter furniture project is to convert a tall dresser into a place to hide the litter box, while keeping a drawer or two for your use.

diy cat furniture litter box
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After the second coat had completely dried i sprayed on a clear coat for protection. And so is the cat.

Kitty Condo Kitty Litter Litter Box Litter

Believe it or not your cats want privacy. But wait a minute here… you’re probably thinking that the cat food and water should be several feet away from each other at the very least…why introduce the risk of contamination.

Diy Cat Furniture Litter Box

Decide where you will put the box, then choose the side you want to make the entrance on.He has constructed a cat box that looks like a piece of furniture.Here’s a quick home project to create this diy litter box furniture cabinet which will help contain the litter and odors associated with cat litter boxes.I made a declaration to kevin that he was either going to buy a litter box furniture piece so we could hide the ugliness of this litter box or we were going to have to make one.

I used it on my burlap dresser makeover too.If you are a happy owner of a cat or cats, then of course you are puzzling over kitty loos and ways to hide them, it’s essential.Ikea has lots of units, inside which you can hide a kitty litter box or loo, and just some makeover will be needed.It holds the litter box in one end with a divider panel for the cat food and water in the front.

It’s equipped with a drawer and 2 doors with metal knobs, a removable tray and a round entry on a side.Make sure your litter box enclosure fits not just the litter box, but also the cat.Metod cabinet, billy bookcase, hol.My ironing job using a regular iron looks a little rough.

Next, measure the size of the litter box which is to be kept inside.Next, sand down the edges until they are smooth.Once that’s decided, measure and draw out with pencil where you will make the cuts.Once the primer dries, use a jigsaw to cut out a large rectangle on one side of the cabinet.

Place the lid on the bin securely.So, to give them the privacy they need while also having a functional piece of furniture my wish suggest cat litter box covers furniture.So, we go to the bathroom they don’t like people to watch.Some cats make a real event out of a trip to their box, circling, scratching, sniffing.

Standard uncovered trays usually measure 19.5″ l × 15″ w × 5.5″ h.The cat house was designed and painted by artist darcy swope for the cat crossing shelter, read more about it at the happy litterbox.The enclosure needs to be an inviting and comfortable place for them to do their business.The first thing you’ll need to do is decide how big of an opening you will want, and which side of the cabinet it will go on.

The litter box may fit.The next step is to cut out an opening for your cat to get into the box.The top of the entire cat litter box furniture piece is covered with 3 pieces of 1×8 pine boards that i treated with two coats of gray stain from americana decoart.Then, make your measurements, draw out the entrance and then cut it out using a jig saw.

Then, using the drill and 3/4″ spade bit, drill a hole in each corner of where.This was after the first coat.Use a brayer (affiliate link) to press the hot veneer to the panel.Use the top two drawers for kitty supplies and treats, or whatever you like.

Using a dustpan and a bristled brush, sweep out any stray litter pieces or clumps that escaped the plastic tray.We also chose to paint it to match the other furniture in the room.We came up with a design for a diy kitty litter box and we are loving it.What you’ll need for your diy litter box cabinet.

When you’re done, trim the ends to the edge of the panel.While you could probably get away with a smaller opening, we have an extra large cat litter box with a cover on the inside so it needed to be rather big.Wipe it dry with a towel or dry cloth.Wipe the bottom of the furniture pieces where the litter tray was sitting to ensure it’s spotless.

Work in small sections to make sure you got things hot enough and can use the brayer while the veneer is still hot.You can do this on the sides of the cabinet, as the idea is to conceal the box.You can opt to fill the inside of the bin with the appropriate level of kitty litter, or place a litter tray/litter pan inside for easier cleanup.

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